12 Week Transformation


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So… I am starting a new program from a company that helps you transform your body to a new you! It is Fit systems and they help you reach your hearts goals in fitness through a 3 part system. I am starting part 1 TRANSFORM- which is exactly what I hope to do! For the first part of the system you go in and get evaluated- height, weight, body fat analysis, and goal setting. After my analysis we decided that I would set the goal of loosing 42lbs and going from 32% body fat to 18%. This will be done through lots of support from fit system, a nutritionist, trainer and the support from my Dad as we do this together.
After you set your goals you have your 2 sinking ship- fail safe choices to make. I chose to email 10 friends and make a public blog I will send to FB friends to watch my journey.
So, every week I will post new pictures of me in the bikini, (I bought today), that I WILL fit in 12 weeks!
I can say choosing to go public with this is both humiliating and humbling for me. Also, it has helped me say NO to that slice of pizza, or donut, or queso knowing I’m going to put on an itsy bitsy gold bikini every Sunday for the world to see!!

My 3 goals are wear a bikini, loose the weight, and run a marathon. So, I bought my dream bikini and will find a marathon to sign up for today, in August when my 12 weeks is up.

I am both excited and apprehensive. I have never opened myself up this much and let it all hang hang out 😉 so here goes nothing world!

Beyond getting to a weight I can maintain and love myself more,
I hope to match my inner light with my outer light and shine brighter, and share my transformation for even greater support.